Faux Fur Duvet Cover in Grey
Faux Fur Duvet Cover in White
woman looking out window during winter with cup of coffee and wrapped in the faux fur duvet cover
Woman Enjoying Faux Fur Duvet Cover in White in Bed with Coffee
faux fur duvet cover in grey draped over chair
Man Sleeping with Faux Fur Duvet Cover in Grey
Woman enjoying Faux Fur Duvet in Grey with Coffee
upclose photo of Faux Fur Duvet Cover in Grey
Upclose photo of Faux Fur Duvet Cover in White

Faux Fur Duvet Covers

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Cuddle up with faux fur bedding from Gravity Blankets, like our dreamy Faux Fur Duvet Cover made of plush synthetic fur with a velvet-like lining.

Already have one of our popular Gravity Blankets? Customize your sleep style with our Faux Fur Duvet Cover – it combines softness with beauty, making it the perfect accent piece for any room.

  • The Faux Fur Duvet Cover is fitted for our single-sized blankets (72" x 48"), and work with our Gen 1 and 2 blankets that feature button/tie connectors. We do not currently sell separate duvet covers for our Queen / King Blankets, and these duvet covers do not work with our Gen 3 (zipper) weighted inners.
  • The duvet cover is now available in 2 colors: an elegant and ultramodern Grey and tasteful and sophisticated solid White.
  • One side is a plush, synthetic fur, while the other side contains a smooth, velvet-y lining.
  • Features button connectors and ties to keep the inner weighted piece secure inside the Faux Fur duvet cover.
  • This cover is dry clean only!
  • Please note! This item does not include the weighted inner piece of a Gravity Blanket. This is ONLY the duvet cover.

*Free shipping for US orders only. Orders typically received within 5-7 days if ordering within the continental US, depending on weather. Please note that due to COVID-19, there can be unexpected fulfilment and shipping delays.

**Note on Duvet Cover Compatibility: Over the years, we've added additional buttons and ties to our duvet covers and blankets. This means your duvet cover may not have the same amount as on your weighted inner, depending on when you ordered it. The duvet cover will have the proper attachments in each corner and in the middle of the longer sides of the blanket, securing it in place. Thus, this cover is compatible with all Gen 1 and Gen 2 weighted inners but it is not compatible with our Gen 3 zipper blankets. Learn more here.

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