Copper Infused Weighted Sleep Mask

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Enjoy quality sleep with a weighted eye mask from Gravity Blankets. Our sleep mask features gentle, weighted pressure with soft imitation cashmere. Just like our best-selling Weighted Sleep Mask, the Copper Weighted Sleep mask uses the same science behind our Gravity Blankets to give your face the perfect pressure stimulation using anti-microbial copper-infused properties.


  • The patented design distributes between .75 and 1 lb. of weighted pressure to key pressure points on the face – on areas surrounding the eyes tied to relaxation.
  • Mask is made with silky-smooth faux charmeuse on the outer shell, and is filled with 100% fine-grade glass beads
  • The adjustable velcro strap has been upgraded for a comfier, more secure fit on your head during use. Size-wise, it fits heads sized 23-28 inches and guarantees that any sleeper can benefit from our mask.
  • Please note! This product (both outer shell and weighted inner) should only be spot cleaned. 

For hygienic reasons, this product is non-returnable and non-refundable. See our full Return Policy here.

iconPOWER OF GRAVITYThe Mask harnesses the power of ‘deep touch pressure stimulation’ to promote stress reduction and relaxation – just like the Gravity Blanket.
iconON THE GO USEFrom its compact size to being TSA-compliant, the Mask is the perfect tool to ensure great sleep while traveling.
iconBLOCKS OUT LIGHTThe Mask has a refined shape that blocks out all light during use, ensuring your environment remains pitch black no matter the time of day.

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How do I care for my Weighted Sleep Mask?

We recommend washing the mask by hand in warm water, as it is not intended to be machine-washed. Once washed, leave out to air dry.

Can I fly with my Weighted Sleep Mask?

As of January 2019, our Weighted Sleep Mask is filled with glass beads for weight. As such, you can safely travel with your mask, either in your carry-on or checked bag, without concern of it being confiscated by TSA.