White faux fur weighted throw blanket folded against a white backdrop
Smiling girl lying on couch covered by a white faux fur blanket
Closeup of white faux fur fabric
Grey faux fur weighted blanket folded against a white backdrop
Bed with a grey faux fur blanket laid on top
Closeup of grey faux fur weighted throw blanket

Weighted Faux Fur Rabbit Blanket

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There’s soft and then there’s Gravity faux fur soft. This elegant weighted blanket is so cozy, it’s impossible not to smile under it. Backed by the same science as core Gravity weighted blanket, but in a one piece design, relaxing with this blanket is like being hugged by a giant stuffy. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it! 

  • Grey; White
  • 48” x 66”, 10lbs
  • One side is a plush, synthetic fur, while the other side contains a smooth, velvet-y lining
  • Spot clean or hand wash blanket in cold water with like colors only and hang dry

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