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Gravity Weighted Blanket & Flannel Cover

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Cozy up in comfort and style with Gravity's weighted blanket and our softest flannel duvet cover for ultimate relaxation. Free Shipping!

Features our signature Gravity Weighted Blanket with a super soft flannel duvet cover (100% cotton) in 3 new, custom-designed patterns. 

  • Available in Single (72" x 48" and weighing 15lbs) and Queen/King (90" x 90" and weighing 35lbs).
  • Weighted inners use fine-grade glass beads for weight. Precise gridded stitching ensures the glass beads remain uniformly distributed, providing comfort, no matter how you use your Blanket.
  • Zipper fastening system is used to secure the weighted inner to the cover, ensuring a seamless fastening experience and no pooling during use.
  • Duvet cover should be machine washed in cold water with like colors. Use neutral detergent, do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Weighted inner is hand wash only.

Modernist x Gravity Blankets: Our flannel weighted blankets were designed in partnership with award-winning artist and designer Ron Chereskin of Modernist Studios. His brilliant legacy in fashion, art and design help foster a creative attitude towards patterns, colors and textures that beautify any home.

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iconREDUCES STRESS & ANXIETYGravity uses the power of deep touch pressure stimulation to simulate the feeling of being held/hugged, increasing serotonin and melatonin and decreasing cortisol.
iconIMPROVES SLEEP QUALITYIn our 2019 sleep study, 72% of participants reported deeper, more restful sleep and 76% reported falling asleep faster when using the Gravity Blanket.
iconLOOKS & FEELS GREATThe outer duvet cover is constructed from cozy flannel fabric in 3 patterns, making it the coziest and best looking blanket you'll ever own.


Gravity Blankets are therapeutic weighted blankets that utilize the power of weight to relax your nervous system, helping to improve your sleep and reduce your stress and anxiety.



Gravity Blankets use the power of ‘deep touch pressure stimulation’ to simulate the feeling of being held (like a hug!). This increases serotonin and melatonin, the hormones responsible for relaxation, and decreases cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress.



Stress-free sleep is one of the best ways to improve brain function and cognitive abilities. Using Gravity products will help keep you sharp and alert throughout your entire day, while also managing your emotional wellbeing by keeping your cool, calm and collected.



Our Blankets are easy for anyone to use and start to improve their wellness. And with high quality materials such as premium-grade glass beads and soft, durable duvet covers, it’s no wonder why it’s the world’s most popular weighted blanket.

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What sizes and weights does this Flannel Collection come in?

This Cotton Collection Line is available in full blankets and standalone duvet covers in both our Single (72” x 48”, 15lbs) and Queen/King (90” x 90”, 35lbs) dimensions.

Tell me more about Ron Chereskin & Modernist.

Award Winning Artist and Designer Ron Chereskin serves as founding designer at Modernist Studios. His brilliant legacy in fashion, art and design help foster a creative attitude towards patterns, colors and textures that beautify any home. Ron began his career as a freelance illustrator, quickly rising in prominence by producing award winning magazine covers, as well as commissioned paintings and illustrations. Ron dedicated himself to dressing men, drawing limitless amounts of inspiration from his desire to inject energy, style and comfort to the, then, staid, monotonous and overly constructed men’s apparel market. For combining innovative applications of cotton fiber with beautiful textures, patterns and breadth of color - an approach that would become Ron’s trademark - he received both the Coty and Cutty Sark awards for understanding sportswear design.