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Oct 08, 2021

How to Use a Weighted Blanket for Pain

Pain plays an important role in human survival. At its most basic level, pain tells us to withdraw from or avoid things that may cause us potential injury. But nobody wants their pain to linger indefinitely. And yet, for millions of people, chronic aches and pains are part of everyday life. In a recent study, experts estimate that 50 million Americans (20.5 percent) suffer from chronic pain at any given time.

The tricky part about chronic pain is that it's notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat. Indeed, that may be why more and more people are turning to weighted blankets as a complementary remedy for various aches and pains. But the question remains: Can weighted blankets actually help with pain? 

In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into the benefits of weighted blankets for pain and how you can use one to get some relief.

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Can Weighted Blankets Help with Pain?

Yes, weighted blankets may help with both acute and chronic pain. In a recent double-blind study, 94 participants with chronic pain wore a 15-lb. weighted blanket or a 5-lb. weighted blanket overnight for one week. Even after accounting for things like expectations and trait anxiety, the researchers found that the heavier weighted blanket resulted in greater reductions of chronic pain.

Additionally, weighted blankets may help with one-off aches and pains by reducing symptoms of anxiety. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, people with anxiety disorders are often hypersensitive to pain. Therefore, it’s possible that using a weighted blanket for anxiety may help lessen the perception of pain.

a man curled up in bed under a weighted blanket

But how do weighted blankets help reduce pain, exactly? It all comes down to something called deep touch pressure stimulation, a therapeutic technique that activates the parasympathetic nervous system. When this system is activated, it slows the stress response and puts your mind and body in a state of ease, helping you take your mind off the pain.

How to Use Weighted Blankets for Pain Relief 

More than anything, a person suffering from chronic pain wants to find some relief, and weighted blankets can help you do just that. Keep reading for a few helpful pointers on how you can use a weighted blanket for pain relief.

1. Choose the Right Weighted Blanket

When it comes to soothing aches and pains, not all weighted blankets are created equal. At Gravity Blankets, our weighted blankets are made with premium materials and feature precise gridded stitching to ensure even weight distribution across the body. Additionally, we use fine-grade glass beads to help reduce noise and promote better sleep.

We offer a range of weighted blankets in various sizes, designs and weights. Check out our buyer’s guide on how to choose a weighted blanket or let the Gravity Blankets team help you find your perfect match. Unsure if you’re a weighted blanket person? Try our luxurious weighted robe to experience a whole new kind of relaxation.

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2. Make It a Part of Your Nightly Routine

A weighted blanket for pain relief works best when you make it a part of your regular routine. To reap the full benefits of weighted blankets, try cozying up to your weighted blanket while you watch the nightly news or wind down for bed. 

3. Consider Sleeping with Your Weighted Blanket

Did you know that getting better sleep at night can help you deal with pain? Research shows that when you don’t get a good night’s rest, it can increase your body’s sensitivity to pain. For better snooze and less pain, consider replacing your existing comforter with a weighted blanket. 

4. Concentrate on the Pressure of the Blanket

The more you focus on your pain, the more intense it will feel. To distract yourself from the pain, redirect your focus to the soothing pressure of the weighted blanket. When your mind begins to circle back to your pain, gently reel it in and focus once more on the sensation of the blanket against your body.

5. Use It in Tandem with Other Pain-Relieving Techniques

Weighted blankets can be a wonderful addition to other pain-relieving techniques, such as guided imagery and deep breathing.

For maximum pain relief, snuggle up to your weighted blanket and follow these simple steps:

  • Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths.
  • Imagine a peaceful scene that engages all of your senses (e.g., imagine you’re on a beach and can feel the sand between your toes).
  • Start envisioning the pain receding from your body.

Along with your weighted blanket, immersing yourself in a peaceful scene may help reduce cortisol levels, ease stress and reduce pain.

a woman laying under a blue weighted blanket

Discover the Soothing Power of Gravity Blankets

If you’re looking for a natural way to relieve pain and get better sleep, weighted blankets are a no-brainer. Research suggests that these soothing blankets may help combat relentless pain by lowering stress, improving sleep quality and reducing your perception to pain.

Whether you’re thinking about using a weighted blanket for restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia or another condition that causes persistent pain, Gravity Blankets has the ideal solution for your unique needs. Cuddle up to a Gravity Weighted Blanket today for better sleep and a better quality of life!


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