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May 11, 2021

What Size Weighted Blanket Should You Get?

Thinking about finally taking the plunge and ordering that cozy weighted blanket you’ve been eyeing? Good for you! Studies show that weighted blankets can help with insomnia, sleep maintenance, fatigue, depression and anxiety, making them an excellent addition to your general wellness strategy. Plus, the coziness factor is off the charts!

Find Your Perfect Weighted Blanket

Before you officially take your pick, it’s important to think about which size is best for you. Like any other kind of blanket, weighted blankets come in a range of sizes for a range of applications. So how do you choose your numbers? We’ll cover all things size in this useful guide to help you decide.

Gravity Blankets Sizing Guide

At Gravity Blankets, we offer several different weighted blanket sizes to help you customize your purchase to your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you prefer a smaller weighted throw blanket for the living room or a bed-sized option for your luxury sleep haven, Gravity Blankets has the perfect option for your needs.
    • Ideal for a Single Bed: Single (72” x 48”) — If you want to use your weighted blanket as a comforter on your single- or twin-sized bed, you’re going to want to go with the single size option. This blanket measures 72 inches by 48 inches, making it the perfect fit for your standard single bed. This size is ideal for one person and comes in three weights — 15, 20 and 25 pounds — to suit any user.
    • Ideal for a Bigger Bed: Queen/King (90" x 90”) — This is our largest weighted blanket, making it a great choice for those who love extra fabric and partnered cuddling. It’s also perfect for the user who wants to drape atop their king- or queen-sized bed. Our queen/king-sized weighted blankets come in a single weight of 35 pounds, making them ideal for two (or more!) users. Note that this size is not recommended for anyone under 50 pounds.

    woman sitting on couch using weighted blanket

    • Ideal for the Sofa: Throw (55” x 48”) — If you want to cuddle up on the sofa or your favorite recliner with your blanket, we’d recommend going with the smaller throw blanket size. This comfy option measures 55 inches by 48 inches, so it’s small enough to casually drape over the sofa but big enough for you to comfortably cuddle up in on movie night. It’s ideal for one user.
    • Ideal for the Kids’ Room: Kids (66” x 42”) — Naturally, kids don’t need as much blanket for the best amount of cuddle coverage, so our weighted blanket for kids is one of the smallest in our lineup. It measures 66 inches by 42 inches, making it perfect for a smaller bed or piece of furniture. Each of our kids’ weighted blankets provides only 10 pounds of comforting weight, so it won’t overwhelm your little one.

    resting with soft gray blanket

    Finding the Perfect Fit

    Sizing is a key component in your search for the perfect weighted blanket. You want your blanket to be big enough to cuddle up beneath wherever you like to get cozy — in bed, on the sofa or while you travel — without being so big and bulky it’s hard to fold, clean or manage. Gravity Blankets has got you covered (quite literally) with an awesome collection of weighted blankets sized just right.


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