Gravity Pillow – Gravity Blanket - The Weighted Blanket for Sleep and Stress

Gravity Pillow

Better Rest with the Power of Scent


The premium softness of memory foam combined with the therapeutic scent of lavender makes the Gravity Pillow a one-of-a-kind stress reducer. Blissfully fall asleep while the aromatic scent packs gently waft a lavender scent throughout the night. On top of that, a luxe Bamboo-based cover keeps you feeling fresh for an invigorating night's sleep.

  • The queen-sized pillow is fully customizable to your desired firmness needs, thanks to a generous amount of removable shredded memory foam.
  • Both sides of this pillow stay cool, thanks to our premium Bamboo-based pillow cover.
  • Throughout the night, our patent-pending scent diffusion system releases the pleasant aroma of lavender.
  • You have the power to determine just how much scent is diffused thanks to the pillow’s intelligent design.
  • This item comes with 8 scent cartridges, ensuring 30-45 days of lavender slumber.

For more information on how to use our new Aromatherapy Pillow, please see here. For care instructions, please see here.

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