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MiHIGH Weighted Infrared Heat Pad by Gravity.


Enjoy the relaxation of weight & heat therapy to soothe your body when you need it most.

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Optimize your rest and recovery

  • Multipurpose shape to target the whole body
  • Evenly distributed heat & weight
  • Handheld temperature control

What's Included:

  • Weighted infrared heat pad
  • Handheld controller

Enjoy 6 Benefits With Just 1 Use

  • Better Sleep
  • Detoxification
  • Recovery
  • Clearer Skin
  • Calorie burn
  • Reduce Stress

Materials & Care

  • 12*24”
  • Soft crystal velvet
  • Tourmaline weighted beads
  • FAR infrared heat
  • 40-60C / 103 - 140 F


Why is this better than a normal heated blanket?
We’ve taken the best tech from heat packs and weighted blankets to create a new relaxation blanket that combines both features. Enjoy continuous heat and weight therapy from the comfort of your home.
How warm is the heat pad?
40-60 C / 103-149 F

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Here’s How To Use Your MiHIGH

Man setting up the infrared sauna blanket

Step 1: Lay it Out

Take your MiHIGH out of its carry bag and roll onto a comfortable surface like your bed.

Use the controller to start heating your blanket.

Man enjoying the infrared sauna blanket

Step 2: Enjoy the Heat

Spend 30-60 mins relaxing inside your blanket.

Let the FAR infrared heat penetrate your skin and deliver the benefits of infrared saunas.

Woman enjoying the post-sauna high

Step 3: Clean & Feel the Post-Sauna High

Simply wipe down the inside with a cloth & spray.

Enjoy the post-sauna high and take on the day (or a blissful sleep).

MiHIGH Weighted Infrared Heat Pad by Gravity.