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Faux Fur Duvet Covers

A Luxury Cover for the Discerning Sleeper

$80.00 $68.00

Already have one of our popular Gravity Blankets? Customize your sleep style with our Faux Fur Duvet Cover – it combines softness with beauty, making it the perfect accent piece for any room.

  • The Faux Fur Duvet Cover is fitted for our single-sized blankets (72" x 48"). We do not currently sell separate duvet covers for our Queen / King Blankets.
  • The duvet cover is now available in 2 colors: an elegant and ultramodern Grey and tasteful and sophisticated solid White.
  • One side is a plush, synthetic fur, while the other side contains a smooth, velvet-y lining.
  • Features button connectors and ties to keep the inner weighted piece secure inside the Faux Fur duvet cover.
  • This cover is dry clean only!
  • Please note! This item does not include the weighted inner piece of a Gravity Blanket. This is ONLY the duvet cover.

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