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Calm X Gravity: Original Blanket

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Enjoy the power of a calming weighted blanket coupled with the world's most popular meditation app with the Calm x Gravity Calming Weighted Blanket bundle.

The Gravity calming weighted blanket is no regular heavy blanket. Our customers say that it is the best weighted blanket for those dealing with autism, ADHD, or sleep disorders.

It’s the perfect weighted anxiety blanket for children or adults. The calming effect produced by a weighted blanket has been shown to improve mental health and certain health conditions.

Get this luxurious, science-backed weighted blanket engineered to be approximately 10 percent of your body weight (see Detailed Sizing Guide here).

The removable duvet covers are made of high-quality breathable fabric and machine washable. You can order Gravity weighted blanket covers in multiple fabrics and styles, including soft breathable cotton and microfiber fabrics.

  • The Calm X Gravity Blanket is available in our single size (72” x 48”), perfect for travel or a twin-size bed, and comes with a duvet cover in a gradient of Calm blue.
  • Each weighted blanket features a premium micro-plush duvet cover and an inner weighted piece filled with tiny plastic pellets.
  • Precise gridded stitching ensures the plastic pellets provide even weight distribution, resulting in better sleep for even the biggest toss-and-turners.
  • Two types of internal clasps (ties and elastic-button connectors) secure the inner weighted blanket inside the duvet cover.
  • The micro-plush duvet cover is not only ultra-soft but also removable, making cleaning a stress-free experience. 
  • Please note! The duvet cover is machine washable (wash in cold water, tumble dry on low), while the inner weighted blanket is hand-wash-only and air dry.
  • Purchase of this weighted blanket INCLUDES a one-year subscription to the Calm App, the #1 app for better sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Info on how to redeem this subscription will be included in the weighted blanket box.

For more information on the partnership, visit our FAQ here.

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