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Oct 15, 2021

Gear Up for Cold Weather: How to Choose the Best Blanket for Winter

When the air turns brisk and leaves start to fall, we all know that winter isn’t far behind. If you’re already racking your brain for ways to stay warm that don’t involve cranking up the thermostat, a warm winter blanket is undoubtedly your best bet. The right blanket will not only keep you warm, but also add style to a room and give you that cocoon-like feeling you crave on cold, blustery days.

Whether you prefer to wrap yourself in a weighted blanket, an electric blanket or something else entirely, investing in a high-quality blanket is key to staying warm and toasty in the wintertime. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best blanket for winter?

Read on for a few helpful tips on how to choose a winter blanket that will keep you delightfully warm all season long.

Keep Warm with a Premium Weighted Blanket

1. Choose the Right Size

First, think about how you plan to use your blanket. Do you prefer to use your blanket for solo reading sessions in your favorite armchair? Or do you plan to share your blanket with your partner on the couch?

Will you be sleeping with your blanket? If so, you'll want to purchase a blanket that fits the entire mattress and has a few extra inches to tuck into the sides. 

At Gravity Blankets, we offer a range of weighted blanket sizes to accommodate your sleep needs and preferences:

  • Single Bed Size: 72” x 48”
  • Queen/King Size: 90” x 90”
  • Kid-Sized Bed: 66” x 42”

2. Stick to Warm Fabrics

Blankets don't generate heat, but rather, they trap your body heat to keep you warm. Therefore, you'll want to stick to fabrics that provide top-notch insulation. Here are some of the most popular fabrics for winter blankets:

Flannel: If you're looking for an amazingly soft blanket that is not just warm but also super breathable, go with a flannel blanket. Flannel holds heat well and has excellent moisture-wicking properties, which means that even hot sleepers can enjoy this cold weather fabric when temperatures start to dip.

a person lounging under a plaid weighted blanket

Wool: Humans have been snuggling up to wool since 10,000 BCE, so you know it has to be pretty darn effective. This winter staple is breathable, temperature-regulating and water-resistant, making it a great choice for camping trips and outdoor activities. 

Fleece: Fleece is pretty much synonymous with chilly days, and for good reason. Originally made to imitate wool, this synthetic fabric is a fantastic insulator. If you prefer a lightweight blanket with more breathability, consider a microfleece blanket.

Cotton: A cotton blanket is a great choice if you tend to overheat easily, even in the wintertime. Along with being hypoallergenic and amazingly soft, cotton is super breathable and temperature-regulating. 

3. Pay Attention to Weave

Fabric isn't the only factor that determines a blanket’s warmth. Weave, or the manner in which interlacing threads are woven together, can also play a role in how warm your blanket feels. 

In general, the tighter your blanket's weave, the more warmth it will provide. That's because tighter weaves trap heat, helping you stay warm and toasty.

Before you purchase a blanket, hold it up to the light and see how much light passes through it. If you see a lot of light, then you know that the blanket is not tightly woven and won’t provide as much warmth.

4. Assess the Quality

No matter which type of fabric you settle on for a blanket, it should feel high-quality in your hands. If your blanket feels flimsy and rough, it's probably not going to last. 

High-quality blankets should feel soft to the touch and have no signs of unevenness in the dye job or the weaves. The price tag can also be an indicator of quality. If the price of the blanket is too good to be true, chances are that it won’t make it past one season.

5. Know Your Options 

Once you know what to look for in a winter blanket, it’s time to scope out your options. Popular options for winter blankets include:

Two-Sided Blanket: A two-sided blanket is a blanket that features two different layers on either side (think a water-resistant cover on one side and warm fleece on the other). This type of blanket is perfect for picnics, camping and other outdoor activities.

Weighted Blanket: If your holiday stress is piling higher than the snow, try cuddling up to a Gravity Weighted Blanket. On top of being super soft and warm, our best-selling weighted blanket uses soothing pressure to calm your mind and body and help you get a good night’s rest.

Snuggle Up to a Gravity Weighted Blanket Today

Electric Blanket: Electric blankets are exactly what they sound like: a blanket that uses electricity to provide warmth to your body. Although they have come under fire for potential safety issues, this is really only a concern if your electric blanket is older than 10 years.

a woman sitting on a couch under a weighted blanket

Don’t Settle for a Poor Quality Blanket

If you’re tired of winter blankets that don’t keep you warm and start falling apart after the first wash, try a weighted blanket from Gravity Blankets. From our premium fabrics and stitching to our fine-grade glass beads, we champion quality and comfort above all else. Browse our weighted blankets today and start getting the rest and relaxation you deserve!


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