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Oct 06, 2022

Do Weighted Blankets Need a Duvet Cover?

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So you've been eyeing a Gravity weighted blanket for the better part of the year, and now, with cold weather on the way, you think you're finally ready to pull the trigger on one. But first, you want to know the answer to a simple question: Do weighted blankets need a duvet cover? 

The short answer is yes. Good quality weighted blankets cost anywhere from $100 to $250, depending on their materials, and using a protective cover is an easy way to add more years to your bedtime investment. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of using a weighted blanket cover to see why they deserve a place in your bedtime setup.

Get Your Weighted Blanket Cover

What Is a Duvet Cover?

Put simply, a duvet cover (pronounced “doo-vay”) is an interchangeable cover that surrounds and protects a duvet during use. A duvet is a large blanket typically filled with synthetic fibers or natural down, like feathers or wool. Despite its French-sounding origins, archeological evidence suggests that the Chinese may have been the first to invent the duvet

Duvet covers are usually designed with buttons, ties, snaps or zippers that enclose the duvet insert and keep it in place. Although initially made to encase duvets, many people now use them to protect comforters, weighted blankets and other types of bedding that may not be easily washable. 

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Reasons to Use a Weighted Blanket Cover

So, why use a duvet cover on a weighted blanket? Here are some reasons why using a cover on your weighted blanket makes perfect sense.

  • Increases the Longevity of Your Weighted Blanket When you drop hundreds of dollars on a quality weighted blanket, you obviously want it to last as long as possible. On average, weighted blankets last about five years. Protecting your weighted blanket with an inexpensive cover is an easy thing you can do to prolong its lifespan so you can get more bang for your buck.
  • Keeps Your Weighted Blanket Cleaner for Longer We hate to say it, but weighted blankets can accumulate a lot of gross stuff. If, like many people, you sleep with your weighted blanket nightly, you’re probably exposing it to all sorts of unappetizing stuff: spores of fungi, bacteria, dust, pet dander, dead skin cells and body oils. A protective covering will not only make your weighted blanket more hygienic but also protect it from food spills and stains.
  • Easier to Wash – All weighted blankets need cleaning eventually. When that time comes, a weighted blanket cover will make the task so much easier. Rather than washing the heavy insert multiple times a month, you can simply strip off the cover and pop it in the washing machine. Easy peasy! (Still need to wash your insert? No biggie! You can check out our guide on how to wash a weighted blanket for a set of easy-to-follow instructions.)
  • Adds a Fun Design Element to Your Bedding – One of the most underrated benefits of using a weighted blanket cover is its ability to transform the look of your bedroom in seconds. Duvet covers come in a range of fun designs, from soothing neutrals to brightly patterned statement pieces. When you get bored of your bedroom aesthetic, you can simply swap the existing cover for a different color or pattern rather than buying a new blanket. And, ultimately, that’s better for your wallet and the environment.

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  • Aids in Temperature Regulation – Weighted blanket covers also come in many different fabrics that can help you stay warm or cool, depending on your sleeping preferences. For instance, if you’re always too hot at night, you can choose a linen, tencel or cotton duvet cover. (Pro tip: For an even cooler night’s sleep, pair your new cover with a cooling weighted blanket.) Are you a cold sleeper? Opt for a cozy flannel duvet cover, which helps the body retain heat on frigid nights.
Treat Yourself to a Weighted Robe Weighted Robes

The Bottom Line

Considering that we spend nearly half our lives lying in bed, buying a duvet cover for your weighted blanket is definitely worth it. Beyond protecting your beautiful new blanket from spills and harmful allergens, a duvet cover will make laundering your weighted blanket a million times easier.

Love weighted blankets? Consider adding a weighted robe to your bedtime repertoire! This part-bed, part-bath staple combines a weighted blanket's calming effect with a robe's lounging capabilities. Plus, the weighted inner can be removed for ease of cleaning, similar to a duvet cover. Goodbye stress — hello relaxation!


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