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Mar 22, 2021

What Is a Weighted Blanket? Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve ever felt the utter dread of anxiety — mind buzzing, heart racing and an overwhelming feeling of worry — you’re far from alone. Anxiety disorders are extremely common, affecting about 40 million adults or 18 percent of the population each year. But in the middle of the night or when you’re dozing off to sleep, it’s hard to remember that the feeling is common and probably fleeting. More likely, you feel isolated, alone and mentally exhausted.

One of the best ways to help you break the anxiety loop and get back to sleep is to snuggle up with a weighted blanket. Although it seems counterintuitive, weighted blankets take the weight off your shoulders, so to speak, so you can steady your breathing, quiet your mind and get hours of quality sleep. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about these comforting blankets so you can soak up all their benefits.

What Is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a therapeutic blanket that utilizes the power of weight to relax your nervous system. It places even gentle pressure all over the body, which causes the mind to focus on the weight, breaking the anxiety cycle and allowing you to relax enough to sleep. Gravity Blankets’ weighted blankets are made from premium-grade glass beads which are uniformly distributed all over the body, providing all-over comfort so you can sink into a deep state of calm.  

How to Use a Weighted Blanket

Using a weighted blanket to help you sleep is as simple as lying in bed and cuddling up with your blanket, ideally from the neck down. Make sure that your entire body is enveloped in the blanket, including your arms and legs. Get settled in at least a half hour before you want to fall asleep so you have enough time to wind down and fully enjoy the experience. We recommend following good sleep practices and avoiding using your phone while in bed.  

Weighted blankets aren’t just for sleep, either. They’re perfect for cuddling up on the couch watching your favorite shows and enjoying time with family and friends. You can also wear a weighted robe while you lounge to enjoy the full benefit of weighted relaxation without compromising your ability to move about freely.

Couple sleeping with Weighted Blanket

Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Yes, multiple studies prove that weighted blankets bring a calming effect. In one study, the majority of participants experienced a significant reduction in anxiety when using a weighted blanket. We’ve also conducted a number of studies on our products and found that over half of all users report that Gravity Blankets helped them reduce overall stress. In addition to reducing anxiety and stress, studies show that weighted blankets can also help you get good-quality sleep. 

But how does it work? To put it simply, weighted blankets work by tricking our minds into thinking we’re being held in a process called “deep pressure stimulation,” which helps reduce racing thoughts and physical symptoms of anxiety. As a result, our body releases serotonin and reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which helps us ward off the high-stress feelings that keep us awake or send us into a spiral of paralyzing worry.

man sleeping with Weighted Blanket

Why Gravity Blankets?

Ready to try a weighted blanket for yourself? Choose one of our highly-rated styles here at Gravity Blankets. We offer the only weighted blanket that has been clinically studied and proven to support sleep, so you know you’re getting a trusted product that actually works. On top of that, our weighted blankets are made from luxurious fabrics that are soft, cozy and good-looking, so you’ll feel great about using one in your sleep sanctuary.


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