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Aug 17, 2023

What to Wear in an Infrared Sauna Blanket

Welcome to the comforting world of the infrared sauna blanket. A revolutionary product that brings the age-old benefits of a sauna into the coziness of your own home. These blankets have become a sought-after wellness tool for many seeking relaxation, detoxification and even pain relief. Leveraging FAR Infrared (FIR) technology, they deliver deep-penetrating heat that not only soothes your body but also provides several potential health benefits, such as improved blood circulation, metabolism enhancement and immune system boost. But to fully enjoy an infrared sauna blanket's advantages, it's important to know what to wear for an optimal experience. So, let's explore the best clothing options to enhance your infrared sauna sessions.

Comfortable Clothing: Keeping It Simple

When engaging in an infrared sauna blanket session, simplicity is your best bet. Lightweight and breathable clothing allows the far infrared rays to penetrate your body effectively, promoting heat distribution and absorption. Natural fibers like cotton or linen are ideal, thanks to their breathability and skin-friendly properties. Plus, loose-fitting clothes provide ample comfort, avoiding unnecessary pressure points and facilitating free movement — essential when you're wrapped in warmth. Remember — synthetic materials can hinder the FIR penetration, so steer clear of nylon and polyester when preparing for your sauna session.

Underwear: Natural and Breathable

If you prefer a more minimalist approach, consider opting for lightweight and breathable underwear. Just like with general clothing, natural materials such as cotton or linen prove to be excellent choices for underwear. These materials promote breathability and comfort, creating an optimal environment for far infrared rays to work their magic. Choosing breathable and natural underwear fabrics allows your body to fully absorb the heat, maximizing the benefits of your infrared sauna blanket experience.

Discover the Benefits of an Infrared Sauna Blanket

Swimsuits: Adjustable Coverage, Less Restriction

Swimsuits provide a great middle ground between coverage and effectiveness, making them an excellent choice for infrared sauna blanket use. The type of swimsuit can alter coverage — bikinis or one-piece suits for women and trunks or speedos for men. Regardless of the design, ensure your swimsuit is made of breathable materials to enable effective penetration of infrared rays. Remember that the goal is a balanced approach: enough coverage for comfort, yet still allowing far infrared to deeply penetrate and deliver its soothing warmth.

portrait woman wearing white swimsuit

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Towels: A Barrier for Easy Cleanup

Using a towel as a barrier between your body and the infrared sauna blanket serves a dual purpose: it improves hygiene and simplifies cleanup. As your body heats, you'll inevitably sweat — that's part of the detoxifying process. By using a towel, you help absorb this sweat, keeping the blanket clean and prolonging its lifespan. Opt for a towel made of natural fibers to ensure the far infrared rays can still effectively reach your skin.

Sauna Suits: Designed for the Heat

You might consider a sauna suit if your primary aim is to break a sweat. While these suits often consist of synthetic materials — which admittedly contradict our other recommendations — they're specifically designed to promote intense heat retention and increased perspiration. Typically favored by athletes seeking water weight loss, sauna suits trap heat and moisture close to your body, accelerating detoxification. Always remember sauna suits serve a very specific use case, and they might not be suitable or safe for everyone.

Experience the Hug of a Cooling Weighted Blanket

Going Nude: Bare Yet Effective

For those who prefer the most direct exposure to far infrared rays, going nude or minimally clothed might be your go-to choice. When less fabric obstructs the FIR, your skin directly absorbs the heat, potentially enhancing the sauna blanket's benefits. The choice to go nude depends on personal comfort, heat tolerance and preference. Whether you choose to bare it all or dress minimally, ensure that your comfort and safety remain a top priority in your infrared sauna blanket experience.

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From Heat to Comfort: Pairing Infrared Sauna and Weighted Blankets

After enjoying an infrared sauna blanket's warmth and detoxification benefits, a cooling transition can be a soothing experience. A cooling weighted blanket offers a comforting, hugging sensation that may help your body relax post-sauna. Similarly, a knit weighted blanket presents a cozy, calming companion for this transition phase. Combining these wellness products can amplify your relaxation and stress-relief routine, forming a symbiotic duo to support your overall well-being. Just be sure to shower first!

Wrapping Up Your Infrared Sauna Experience

Choosing the right attire for your infrared sauna blanket use significantly enhances your comfort and the effectiveness of each session. Whether you opt for simple clothing, a swimsuit or even decide to go nude, remember the ultimate goal is to maximize the benefits of far infrared rays. Pairing this experience with a weighted blanket can further promote relaxation, contributing to an all-encompassing wellness routine. Embrace the warmth, shed the stress and enjoy the comforting embrace of your infrared sauna blanket journey.


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