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Queen/King Blanket

Our Most Popular Blanket, Now In A Larger Size & 35lb Weight!


Simulating the feeling of being held (like a hug!), Gravity Blankets utilize the power of weight to restore the nervous system. This revolutionary and science-backed method is called “deep touch pressure stimulation.” You’ll achieve faster and deeper sleep as our Gravity Blanket revives key pressure points.

  • A luxurious, therapeutic 35lb weighted blanket (Detailed Weight Info here).
  • The Gravity Queen / King Blanket is 90” x 90” (a true Queen/King!)
  • Duvet covers are available in micro-fleece (Grey, Navy or White), or 100% cotton as part of our Modernist Summer 2020 Collection (learn more about the Collection here).
  • Each blanket features a premium micro-plush duvet cover and an inner weighted piece containing fine-grade glass beads.
  • Precise gridded stitching ensures the glass beads remain uniformly distributed, providing comfort, no matter how you use your Blanket.
  • Two types of internal clasps (ties and elastic-button connectors) secure the inner weighted blanket inside the duvet cover.
  • The micro-plush duvet cover is not only super soft but also easily removable, making cleaning a stress-free experience.  
  • Please note! The cover is machine washable, while the inner weighted blanket is hand-wash-only.

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