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Duvet Covers (Single Size)

Switch Up Your Sleep Style

$50.00 $37.50

Already have one of our popular Gravity Blankets? Customize your sleep style with a brand-new duvet cover! Available in our classic colors as well as fresh new patterns, our duvet covers will revitalize any room.

  • Duvet covers are fitted for our single-sized blankets (72" x 48"). We do not currently sell separate duvet covers for our Queen / King Blankets.
  • The original micro-plush duvet cover comes in Grey, Navy, or Ivory (100% polyester).
  • The cooling duvet cover (first-generation) is available in our flagship Grey (a breathable poly-spendex blend)
  • The gorgeous Vineyard Brush, Sea Shore Stripe and Midnight Iceberg are all made of a cooling polyester fabric that's 100% breathable and wicks away moisture from the body during use.
  • The luxurious Sand Linen is made of a premium linen-cotton mix (10% linen, 90% cotton).
  • All duvet covers are machine-washable for easy cleanup!
  • Please note! This item does not include the weighted inner piece of a Gravity Blanket. This is ONLY the duvet cover.

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**Note on Duvet Cover Compatibility: 
Over the years, we've added additional buttons and ties to our duvet covers and blankets. This means your duvet cover may not have the same amount as on your weighted inner, depending on when you ordered it. The duvet cover will have the proper attachments in each corner and in the middle of the longer sides of the blanket, securing it in place. Thus, this cover is compatible with all versions of our weighted inner. Learn more here.

Please view our returns & exchange policies linked here.